2018-19 Bearnes Admissions Policy
2018-19 Cheriton Bishop Admissions policy
2018-19 Diptford Admissions Policy
2018-19 Harbertonford Admissions Policy
2018-19 Hennock Admissions Policy
2018-19 Landscove Admissions Policy
2018-19 Stoke Gabriel Admissions Policy
2018-19 Tedburn St Mary Admissions policy
2018-19 Yeoford Admissions policy

2019-20 Bearnes Admissions Policy
2019-20 Cheriton Bishop Admissions policy
2019-20 Diptford Admissions Policy
2019-20 Harbertonford Admissions Policy
2019-20 Hennock Admissions Policy
2019-20 Landscove Admissions Policy
2019-20 Stoke Gabriel Admissions Policy
2019-20 Tedburn St Mary Admissions policy
2019-20 Yeoford Admissions policy

2020-21 Bearnes admissions policy
2020-21 Cheriton Bishop admissions policy
2020-21 Diptford admissions policy
2020-21 Harbertonford admissions policy
2020-21 Hennock Admissions policy
2020-21 Landscove admissions policy
2020-21 Stoke Gabriel admissions policy
2020-21 Tedburn St Mary admissions policy
2020-21 Yeoford admissions policy

Anti-Bullying Policy 2018

Attendance Policy 2018

Behaviour Policy 2018

Charging and Remissions 2018

Complaints Policy

DBS Policy 2016



Exclusion-Policy 2016

Freedom of information 2016

Health & Safety Policy 2018

Intimate Care.docx


Lone Working Policy

Management of Outdoor Education Visits and Off-Site Activities 2017

Looked after Children Policy 2016

Managing Unreasonable Adult Behaviour Policy 2017


Online Safety Policy 2017

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Pupil Premium Policy 2018


Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

Sex & Relationships Policy 2016

SEND Policy 2016

Teaching and Learning Policy 2017

General Data Protection Regulation Policies

Data Management & ICT Security Policy
Data Protection Policy
Individual Right Policy
Records Retention and Disposal Policy
Subject Access Requests Policy